Custom Glass Films/ Ombre, Gradients

MetWest’s ombre gradient glass film can be completely custom with countless design possibilities. Any size, opacity, color, pattern, image, or direction you want.

Off-the-shelf gradients are restrictive—so leave them on the shelf and choose freedom of design with MetWest’s custom gradient films.


Cover or reveal as much or as little as you’d like, with your own stylized pattern. MetWest can do anything from a simple color transition to integrating a graphic into a stunning gradient solution that will enhance your space while providing the level of privacy you need. Our custom gradient glass film can be produced to fit any size glass surface. If you want a gradual gradient over 100 feet in any direction, we can do it.

Bird Safe


Highly reflective materials such as glass pose the greatest threat to the local bird population. Not only is this an environmental issue, but bird strikes can also result in damage to your property. One of the most effective tools to reduce collsions is bird safety window film.

Bird safety film installs to the exterior of your building and features unobtrusive designs that alert birds to the presence of glass and deter them from flying into the side of your building. Basically, they function as distraction safety film for your local bird population!

Building Wrap/ Solar Control


If your property is starting to look a little worn or out of date, then an exterior building wrap is the solution you need. With the simple application of films, wraps dramatically transform your property without the painstaking cost and downtime of construction. Whether you want a simple refresh for an older facade, or sky-high graphics for a striking branded look, we have a solution for you.

Tinted window film wraps create a consistent and modern appearance, while custom vinyl graphic wraps turn any building into a work of art (and advertising). Installation is simple and can be finished without disturbing tenants or requiring costly material replacements of your glass.

Distraction / Vision Banding

Protect your visitors, staff, and property with custom-designed high-visibility distraction markers, which alert people to glass. Distraction markers are an important safety solution, but they can also serve as a beautiful design feature that enhances your space.

For all the benefits of distraction markers plus increased privacy, custom bands are another popular addition to office spaces. Add both decoration and partial privacy, while maintaining openness.



Distraction markers are a great solution to protect your team and visitors. They are a cost-effective solution to make the presence of glass more obvious, reducing the possibility of accident or injury.

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