Custom Architectural Glass

Skyline Design is an award-winning manufacturer of decorative glass for interior and exterior applications. Distinguished among glass fabricators by their creative collaborations with notable designers, photographers, and artists, and by their commitment to sustainable and state-of-the-art processes, such as environmentally-friendly etching and texturing, ceramic frit and UV digital printing, back-painting, and lamination. Skyline Design ensures the highest quality product by overseeing every step of the production process, from file preparation and color matching to laminating and tempering.

Some of Skyline’s techiques and offering include: 

Eco-Etch ® Glass Etching: A proprietary environmental etching process engraves artwork or logos into the glass surface using sustainable materials. Eco-etch glass comes with a lifetime warranty and is much more environmentally friendly than traditional acid etch glass.

Digital Printing: A proprietary digital technology can reproduce imagery in a variety of processes: printed directly on glass with UV-cured inks, fused into glass with ceramic frit inks, laminated between two lites of glass, or printed on vinyl for field application to existing glass.

Healthcare Solutions : Skyline Design is pioneering the use of glass in healthcare facilities, where it offers greater visibility for patients and providers while at the same time preserving privacy, reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses, and controlling noise.

Laminated Safety Glass : Skyline Design produces impact resistant acoustic glass made with EVA interlayers, which are not only highly resistant to moisture, heat, and discoloration, but also block 99% of UV rays.

Vitracolor® Back-Painted Writable Glass: Skyline’s back-paint process utilizes low-VOC and water-based paints to create a vast expanse of deep color or a smaller writable glass surface. Limitless color options. Available as magnetic or non-magnetic.

Bird-Friendly Exterior Glass : Skyline Design produces bird-friendly exterior glass using patterns and processes that make glass visible to migrating birds.


Vitracolor is Skyline Design’s innovative and eco-friendly back-painted glass. This high-quality, totally opaque wall-cladding solution incorporates vibrant color with the classic beauty of architectural glass. With low-VOC and water-based paint production processes, Vitracolor sustainably ensures a uniform coating for each glass panel and offers virtually unlimited color possibilities.

Define™ Glassboards are made with ¼” low-iron tempered safety glass, an easily cleanable and nonporous surface. Compatible with any type of marker, the frameless boards come with hidden hardware that lends a clean and elegant aesthetic to any workspace or classroom.

Customize it! Choose from 16 popular colors and fi ve sizes or make your own. We can ship standard sizes immediately or create glassboards to your exact specifi cations—color, images, dimensions up to 12’ x 8’, and magnetic or non-magnetic.

Obscura Applied Film for Glass

Obscura is an innovative PVC-free polyester film system for use on new and existing architectural glass, plexiglass and steel surfaces. Applied in horizontal bands, Obscura provides privacy in incremental dimensions at various heights in a range of refined, tinted neutrals.

Obscura offers an elegant design solution for minimal and specific coverage with two patterns, Horizon and Perspective, that will satisfy building codes which increasingly require glass with markings, particularly in healthcare and corporate environments. The collection adopts the horizon line, the simple gesture that grounds all architectural drawings, and returns it to the built environment to define and delineate space. Created with an explorer’s sense of wonder and a designer’s sense of color and space, these products combine the language of architecture and Earth’s horizon to bring atmosphere into the built environment.

The result is both airy and spatial, providing privacy when needed in a sustainable, cost effective approach.

Patterns are offered in 3 neutral colorways, with additional options from an extensive color palette inspired by the hues of the natural world. The Obscura™ ColorGraph™ is available for wider customization and environmental branding opportunities. This collection is made for film application on architectural glass, plexi, and steel in four sizes that can be used to solve for varying privacy needs. Patterns are available in heights of 8”, 16”, 24”, and 36” in ready-to-install film on rolls.