Wood-Skin introduces a revolutionary product system that easily creates 3D surfaces.

Imagine a panel of plywood, now glue fabric to the face of that plywood and then glue another plywood panel to the other side of the fabric. You have a plywood/fabric/plywood sandwich. Now CNC rout that composite sandwich, but only make a cut through the plywood. On both sides. So the fabric becomes a hinge and the wood panel can move and become a 3 dimensional form in tension.    

Now you have Wood-Skin.

Well sort of… there’s more to it than that. But the best part about this new product is that the Wood-skin team has figured it all out for you. From rendering your ideas for client review to figuring out the installation details of every project, they give you and your construction team what you need to successfully design and implement a new way to create form, volume and space. 

Wood-skin has several product categories:

Mesh : With a small scale pattern, and a draping installation, a panel system that truly recalls fabric.

Fold: A structured, framed modular panel with a discernable repeat that installs almost as easily as hanging a picture.

Tailor Made: Whatever you want, however big you want it, to fit your space like a glove.

Technical Manual

A Comprehensive Technical Manual with an overview of products, available colors and finshes and  installation details for all.




This catalogue shows Mesh Sheets, Fold Panels and Tailor Made in their standard finshes.


Mesh Sheets

Mesh sheets are Wood-skins answer to wood fabric. These sheets hang seamlessly together and drape in fashion similar to fabric rather than millwork.

MESH Guide

Fold Panels

FOLD panels are the easiest Wood-skin panel to install. Modular and straight on all sides, they hang with just 2 or 3 attachements to the wall. 


Tailor-Made Custom Panels

Wood-skin panels that fit your project perfectly. Tailor -made is fully customizable version of Wood-skin. Its a design service in addition to a material and hardware solution – the complete package.

Tailor Made Service


Installation examples