Introducing Louver, Dynamically Understated Dimensional Panels by Plyboo in Collaboration with Robin Reigi

Developed in collaboration with Robin Reigi, Plyboo Louver is the company’s newest collection of three-dimensional architectural panels. With a nod to the classically modernistic and beloved element, Plyboo Louver is a series of carved panels and assembled slats that use angular positions and perforation patterns to define space,  direct light and absorbs sound.  Utilizing Plyboo’s signature Real Core bamboo panels, Louver includes a growing collection of patterns and scales that explore the esthetic attributes of the louver while expanding its purpose for space division but also as an applied wall feature. Recognizable patterns such as Wind Sail and Slat provide the scale and directionality most associated with classic architectural Louvers, while Butterfly and Bias offer more loosely defined interpretations that are both timely and functional.

“We wanted to create a series of patterns that spoke to the relationship between light and shadow that can be achieved with our material.” Says design developer Robin Reigi.  By evoking the moody yet restrained effects created by Louvers in large scale architecture and modern interiors, we aimed to create something functional but also timely and pleasing.

Larger scale versions of the patterns Butterfly and Wind sail  are available in the acoustically intended Plyboo Sound. In these styles,  perforations are  placed within the fins to provide an average of .70  NRC rating backed with Plyboo Quiet wall material.

Available in Plyboo’s standard 4’x8’ or 4’x10’ as special order, Louver and Louver Sound can be made in ASTME 84 Class C or Class B and in many cases Class A fire rating. 7 standard colors are available in both oil and water based options as well as Plyboo’s proprietary duotone treatments that create highly contrasting metallic effects for both warm and cool palettes.

 We’ve been working collaboratively with Robin Reigi for nearly fifteen years and are thrilled to finally develop something that speaks directly to their most discerning designers and architects says Angus Stocks who is the owner and designer behind award winning Fractal and Futura systems. “We’re excited about Louver because it speaks to the clean and restrained esthetic of the designers that have been using our product most. Moreover, we think it will find its way into many different types of projects because its so versatile and  universally appreciated”

Plyboo will be launching the Louver collection in its current offering at the BDNY show on November 10th but intends to relaunch with the complete collection this spring. Look for more patterns,  a wider color palette  and a new sample program to support the collection by  ICFF and New York’ s Mid May Design Week.