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TAC Panels: Tackable Acoustical Wall and Ceiling Tile Panels

TAC panels are easily installed for improving sound control in many environments. TAC is non-fibrous; class A fire retardant, non-abrasive, water resistant, impact resistant, lightweight, mold bacteria and fungi resistant. These panels have both a NRC and STC rating, a tackable surface and can be used indoors or outdoors. TAC can be used as a ceiling title, wall panel, outdoor barrier or hanging baffle.

• Class A Fire Retardant
• No Fiberglass-Non-Fibrous
• Moisture Resistant Indoor
• Non-fibrous
• Impact Resistant
• Water resistant
• Non-abrasive surface
• Indoor/Outdoor
• Both STC and NRC ratings
• Tackable surface
• Bacteria and fungi resistant
• Lightweight
• Superior Soundproofing Qualities

MATERIAL: Semi Rigid Polypropylene Foam
PATTERN: Non Abrasive, Slightly Textured, Porous
FEATURES: Lightweight, Impact Resistant, Moisture, Bacteria & Fungi Resistant, Tackable Surface
APPLICATIONS: Gymnasiums, Auditoriums, Classrooms, Conference Rooms, Offices.
THICKNESS: 1” or 2″
Exact Cut: 2′ x 4′ or 2’ x 2’
Nominal: 23¾″ × 23¾″, 23¾″ × 47¾″
COLORS: White, Charcoal
FLAMMABILITY: ASTM E84, Class A. 1”: Flame Spread: 3, Smoke Developed: 84. 2”: Flame Spread: 5, Smoke Developed: 113
INSTALLATION: ASI S.T.O.P. Noise Acoustical Adhesive, Mechanical Fasteners

1 Inch: NRC: .45 – STC: 9
2 Inch: NRC: .70 – STC: 13