Of all of the materials we have at Robin Reigi Inc., none are easier to install than our TAC acoustical panels. Because of their ease of installation, their excellent acoustical performance properties, and their super-convenient quality of being tackable,  TAC has been a favorite among architects, both for their own offices and conference rooms and those of their clients.  In fact, many of those clients will re-order the material long after the architect is done with the project, proving time and time again that TAC is a crowd-pleaser,  a work-horse of a material that is accessible, immanently useful and aesthetically pleasing,

Because TAC is simplicity itself.

We have two colors; charcoal and white. The charcoal color exhibits some variation when light reflects off of its surface , giving it a depth that draws the eye and often motivates an observer to touch and feel its curious  composition of polypropylene beads. Clients sometimes say it reminds them of spaghettios ( in a nice way). The white is flatter, it’s texture is washed out slightly due to its color. I refer to it as “styrofoam cup white”.  But if you require a white white, one that retreats to the background, this is your white. The panels are 2’x4′, so if installed butt-joined together, the seams will be visible. For this reason, its always best to lay out your preferred tile pattern on an elevation for the installer to follow.